Experience what a great beer actually tastes like..

Now, you can finally drink the breweries' best craft beers just like how the brewers experience them... Right off the tank. FRESHEST EVER. 

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Imagine what it could be like : 

You come home from a hard day of work. You relax. You have the first sip.

All of a sudden, this moment becomes the focus of your whole life. Your beer has amazing aroma,  full body, texture and character.

And you realize... You've got the best tasting beer ever, right in your hand. 

What if.. this could become a part of your life, every single day?

Craft beer experience re-imagined. HOPii craft beer brewing system

HOPii is the most sophisticated and intelligent craft beer brewing system. HOPii is the only system that uses the ingredients made fresh by the breweries and ferments them at your home using patented smart technologies. HOPii enables you to drink these craft beers as soon as the fermentation is done, right-off-the-tank, just like how the brewers drink them. At their freshest taste. EVER.

  • HOPii creates your favorite breweries' craft beers at their best and freshest tasting conditions with a touch of a button

  • Using various sensors and smart algorithms, HOPii makes the craft beer to the brewer's recipe at its perfection

  • HOPii creates the exact taste of the craft beer that is intended by the brewers, consistently every single time

We have brewed over 1000 pints of different varieties. Everyone who has tasted the craft beers from HOPii, craft beer enthusiasts and brewers alike, all agree...   

Craft beers made by HOPii are at their perfect and freshest taste!

Wow. That's delicious.. like the freshest taste coming from the brewery tanks. I've never seen anything like this.

RichCraft beer enthusiast

That taste of my beer made by HOPii is right on the point. Very malt-forward, no off-notes, that's a very delightful beer to perfection.

EricProfessional Brewer

We're are surprised by the results that HOPii is creating. We believe we are seeing the next stage of how the craft beer is delivered to consumers.

Sung Brewery Owner

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Join the HOPii Revolution!

 Sign up to learn more about HOPii Craft Beer Home Brewing System!ice!

We respect your privacy! Ages 21+ only

How is HOPii able to perfection the taste?

Fermentation is the most crucial stage in creating a great taste of craft beer, but it is also the hardest stage due to difficult temperature and pressure control, oxygen and sunlight exposure and bacterial infection. These are what the professional brewers are most concerned about when brewing their craft beers. HOPii is able to achieve great tasting craft beers, because :

  • HOPii controls temperature and pressure using various sensors and smart algorithms for perfect and consistent fermentation 

  • HOPii is a highly controlled and completely closed system to create an oxygen and sunlight-free brewing environment

  • HOPii's one-touch cleaning technology ensures full sanitation for the bacteria-free brewing environment

A Sophisticated Device, Easier To Use Than Your TV.

HOPii is the most sophisticated yet easiest-to-use home brewing device ever. The intelligence of brewing a great beer is built into the unit, so you don't have to worry about how to make a great beer. We made HOPii extremely easy to use, as easy as turning on a TV.

  • Brewing : Put in the ingredient pods and press START. Done. HOPii will take of the rest for you.

  • Cleaning : Put in some water and food-grade cleaning solution included in HOPii's brewing kit and press START. Done.

Now, that's what I call "Easy".

Join the HOPii Revolution!

You are invited to join us on this amazing adventure as we release our product to the world.

We all know the joy of drinking a fine craft beer in the moment that matters.

You might get to be one of the first people to experience what the craft beers actually taste like when they are fresh.

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We respect your privacy! Ages 21+ only